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    Global Human Resource Management for Wal-Mart

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    Write a paper analyzing some of the traditional Human Resource Management. HRM functions in Wal-Mart (e.g. selection, training, evaluation & compensation). Include their "international HRM" strategies (such as use if ex-patriots and local nationals).

    Use APA format and include a reference page.

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    Wal-Mart is one of the leading departmental stores throughout the world. The company operates with various retail stores with diverse formats according to the requirements of specific customers. Wal-Mart was established by Sam Walton in 1962. Nowadays, its different stores are serving more than 200 million customers with the assistance of its 2.2 million associates and over 7,800 departmental stores (About Us: Wal-Mart, 2010). On the basis of revenue it is one of the largest public corporations.

    The factors, which help Wal-Mart in persisting & affirming competitive advantage, are its large number of stores, low price of its products, its cost leadership strategy, management of its traditional HR functions and global HR strategies. Its different traditional HR functions have assisted it in a significant manner in terms of attaining competitive advantage and core competency (Byars & Rue, n.d.). Here, in this paper Wal-Mart's different traditional HRM functions (e.g. selection, training, evaluation & compensation) will be discussed along with the discussion of its global HRM strategies'.

    Traditional HRM Functions of Wal-Mart

    Human Resource Management Functions of Wal-Mart are related with the management and development of its employees who work in the direction of attainment of its goals and objectives (Byars & Rue, n.d.). With its different traditional HRM functions along with global HRM strategies, the Wal-Mart has become able in the selection of appropriate and skilled human resource, in explicating their skills and abilities, ...

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