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    Ethical Issues

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    Work-Life Issues

    In the session-long project, you will be asked to select a reference organization to use as a focus for your application of research ideas. This may be your choice of:

    - Your current workplace
    - A workplace with which you are not affiliated (now) but of which you have good knowledge (could be that of a friend or your Significant Other...)

    For this group of 5 - Please use Wal-Mart, Target, Sears, or JCPenny's as the workplace (chose only one for all five assignments) - Thanks

    Please note that you will not be asked to disclose any intimate or awkward material about any one you choose. Your
    confidentiality will be fully respected; no one but the instructor will see anything you write. If you have a non-traditional organization, you may need to be a bit creative in interpreting the assignments, but I think you'll find it's both stimulating and entertaining to try.

    For the Module 3 component of the Project, please address the following question in a paper:

    - Please evaluate the effectiveness of your organization's work-life polices and practices.

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    Work-Life Issues

    Today, private and public sectors both are seeking to address work-life issues in the process of staying competitive in present global market. There are many complex challenges such as work timing, heavy expectations, child & adult care, etc. which the employees are facing in present working environment. Wal-Mart has employed more that 1.8 million employees around the world (Wal-Mart, 2009). Workplace should be a place of human development and self fulfillment of employees. Wal-Mart is involved in providing growth opportunities to its employees along with staying competitive in marketplace.

    Wal-Mart is criticized for its human resource policies such as underpaying & expecting too much from its employees. Wal-Mart has implemented automation for its operations in its warehouses and stores. Wal-Mart does not take care of its employee satisfaction up to a high level because the flow of operation is not fully dependent on its employees and Wal-Mart can easily hire less qualified employees for ...

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    The Response Addresses the Queries Posted in 575 Words, APA References.