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Phone interview advice

I have a phone interview for a Senior Accountant position.

I am trying to come up with a response for Explain a difficult or challenging work situation and how did you handle it in case I am ask this question.

One of the situation that comes to mind is that my company went through a period of transition where some employees were terminated from my department and employees were transferred from other departments to my department. This was difficult because I first had to take on other responsibilities while training the transferred employees on other functions since I was the only employee that knew most of the processes. In addition, we had a new manager started who I reported to, so I also had to bring her up to speed on the group. I didn't mind training the employees and staying late if needed. I was recognized for my efforts and given an award.

How can I explain the above situation in a more clear concise manner?

Also is taking on too much responsibility a good example of a weakness?

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Usually this question is trying to get at the "emotional intelligence" side of things. So, you describe just putting your nose down and blowing through the workload, bringing the rookie ...

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