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Market Interview for Product or Services

Over the course of five weeks, you will research and prepare a design proposal for your company for a new product line or service. As a business professional with an understanding of the design process and language of design, you are in charge of creating the visual research that will provide the foundation for a design team to generate the graphic design solution. You will be conducting primary and secondary research into the market and audience of the product or service from which you will create a design concept and budget, and you will also be in charge of researching a potential designer or design firm to carry out the design work. At the end of five weeks, you will collate your findings and turn them over to the design team.

MP3 players
grocery store
cell phone

In this phase of the project, you will create an interview that will gather research for the graphic design project. Using the Internet and Library to research market interviews, create an interview with a minimum of 20 questions. Your interview should focus on general demographic questions, as well as specific questions pertinent to your specific product or service.

Your interview should include both qualitative and quantitative questions, and it should endeavor to identify some common perceptions and attitudes toward the general product or service area. What is appealing or beneficial about the product or service? What are key adjectives used to describe the product or service? Where might a consumer typically learn about the product or service?

Later on in the class, you will be proposing a new product or service that will meet an unmet need in the market, so you should also strive to identify any unmet needs in your questionnaire.

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The goal is to ask concise questions in a clear manner. People who read your survey need to be able to understand the question easily, there should be no confusion. You need to make it as simple as possible so that the average person answering the question will have no difficulty.

On a survey, you can ask a variety of questions:

Closed-ended question: when the person has no choice but to choose one of the options listed in the question
Ex: what is your favorite ice cream?
a) vanilla
b) chocolate
b) strawberry

Open-ended question: when the person can answer whatever they want
Ex: what is your favorite ice cream: ________________?

There are also:
Quantitative questions: the answers here are numerical in nature
Ex: how many ice creams to you eat in a month?

Also qualitative questions: the person gives a descriptive response
Ex: why do you like your favorite flavor?

You can also have rating questions on a "likert- scale" - this is when you rate a question on a scale. Please read more on likert-scales here:

So the best survey will have a mix of all ...

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