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    Developing employees

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    Since you were hired a little over 6 months ago you have been working on management training and development program. Your company is planning in the near future to introduce a new way of developing employees for management positions. The current process consists of a trial and error process that employees have come to call baptism by fire. The new program is designed to better equip and educate people to fully embrace the complex role of manager. Within this context, discuss the phases a of this change and how each phase is important. Give examples of how each phase might be designed.

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    Phase 1:
    Identifying the managerial positions that need to be filled: This is important to set the objectives for your plan.
    1. A company wide survey and study should be carried out for assessing the needs of management positions;
    2. Every Vice-President is required to submit in writing the designations of the management positions open in his department that need to be filled.
    3. Discussion with the VP about the qualifications and abilities required for each open management position.
    Phase 2
    Identification of the persons suitable for each managerial position that is open: This is important for matching the persons with positions;
    1. For every position open, the qualifications and experience ...

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