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    Periodized outline for a collegiate sport

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    Periodized outline for a collegiate sport. The outline should address all of the following sport skills:

    - Performance fitness testing
    - Flexibility
    - Strength and Stamina
    - Power
    - Quickness
    - Core stability
    - Acceleration and Speed
    - Metabolic conditioning
    - Sport specific drills

    Use the following questions as a guide for each sport skill listed above:
    - Which tests are applicable?
    - How will the test be scored?
    - Where in the scheme will a certain score place the athlete?
    - Where in the periodized scheme will each sport skill component be addressed?
    - What exercises will be applicable for each sport skill?
    - How will each sport skill be scored?

    Certain aspects might not be applicable and the absence of each component must be justified. In addition, the outline must be accompanied by an explanation of the methods chosen.

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    Periodized outline for collegiate swimming:

    Pre-performance fitness testing: athletes can be measured using the multistage beep test (running bask and forth between two cones to a cadence set at regular intervals). This test will test aerobic fitness.

    Abdominal strength and endurance test: curl and plank tests to determine number of curls performed in one minute and time able to hold plank. These tests will indicate core strength and endurance.

    Body composition test: to gauge changes over season.

    During general preparation phase (4-12 weeks): goal is to improve overall endurance, speed, strength and flexibility in general manner. Length of this phase is dependent upon level of training athletes have been performing. Primary emphasis is on improving delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscles. Volume should be increased. Stroke mechanics, starts and turns will be improved, overall muscular strength and joint flexibility to ...

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    This solution provides a periodized outline for a collegiate sport that includes fitness testing, flexibility, strength, power, quickness, core stability, speed, metabolic conditioning and drills. It also discusses applicable tests and where in the periodized scheme each sport skill will be addressed, as well as which exercises are applicable for each sport skill. It gives a thorough example.