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    Higher Education, 1880-1920

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    Create a timeline of five or more significant events and/or topics that you find interesting and that influenced higher education from 1880 to 1920. In addition, please provide a brief summary for each of your significant events and topics.

    For example, one significant event could include the Quest for the Great American University, which occurred when 14 university presidents from institutions such as Harvard, Cornell, and Johns Hopkins met to form the Association of American Universities. Another significant event during this time frame was philanthropy on a large scale. This was significant because it was the first time universities had a permanent financial base.

    A few topics you may want to explore are:
    a. Intercollegiate Sports
    b. Women's Colleges
    c. Women and Coeducation
    d. The "Collegiate Ideal" and Black Colleges
    e. World War I and the Colleges

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    a. Intercollegiate Sports

    1890(s): The onslaught of intercollegiate sports is an example of how you could incorporate a topic into your timeline using the necessary citations provided by the academic expert. The history of these sports stems from important events occurring during the 1850s wherein young men developed teams to compete and engage in physical activity as an offset to the rigors of manual labor forced upon them by college presidents and deans. These games increasingly became more and more organized to the extent that some college teams would travel extensive distances to face other teams from different colleges.

    Because these teams were not initially endorsed by college administrators, much of the control of the teams and college intercollegiate sport teams were held by alumni groups joined with the student organizations. These entities created the first intercollegiate sports programs and during the period of 1880-1920 generated large amounts of revenue for the programs that were relatively absent of control by college presidents and faculty during a significant period of this time.

    Often these sporting contests were brutal and at the turn of the century President Theodore Roosevelt required the leading heads of programs to develop a more structured ...

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    The expert creates a timeline of five or more significant events that are interesting and have influenced higher education from 1880 to 1920.