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    Contributions of Black Women in the Progress of African-American History.

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    In what ways did black women contribute to African-American progress between the 1890s and 1920? Also, did black women have a different agenda than black men?

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    The question you are seeking guidance on is not difficult it just requires breaking down and understanding what happened at key time periods in history regarding both African-Americans, Immigrant-Americans, and white Americans.

    1865-1877 - Reconstruction-during this time of massive upheaval economically, culturally, and politically former slaves faced a total life change. Pay close attention to the fact that African-American slaves emerged from Reconstruction with the protection of the 13th, 14th, & 15th amendment. What exactly did these amendments protect? However, it took many years, particularly in the southern, slave-owning states, for freedom to materialize, thus beginning the long and arduous journey through the Civil Rights movement which stretched well into the 1960's. From roughly the 1880's, ...

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    The contributions of black women in the progress of African-American history is determined in the solution.