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    United States is the founded upon ideal introductions

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    Please assist with an outline for info below. The basic college essay consists of an introduction with clear thesis statement, the body of the paper (where each point of the thesis statement is discussed fully with supporting evidence in its own paragraph), and a conclusion. See the Writing Tips tab on the left side for further guidelines as to what constitutes an â??Aâ? history essay. You may also contact the Writing Center for help in writing the basic essay (listed in both the Writing Tips and UTA Resources tabs).
    This a broad topic which is meant to assess your understanding of the course material and your ability to bring together information in a well-substantiated and coherent analytical essay explaining patterns of events and developments in American history (in other words, it is an exercise in critical thinking). Successful papers will utilize lecture and reading materials in a thoughtful, well-organized and persuasive argument in reaction to the above topic. Grammar and spelling will count, as will the overall logic and clarity of your argument.
    Be sure to use plenty of detailed, specific examples to back up your broad, general statements. A great place to find specific examples is in the readings â?" particularly the documents, the chapters in Broesamle, e-books (Zitkala-Sa, Wells), and other non-textbook/lecture course materials.
    I stress the following:
    DO NOT QUOTE from the textbook, any other assigned or unassigned materials, or the internet.
    If you quote for some reason, there is a one-letter grade penalty.
    If you choose to quote without proper citation, you will receive a 0 for the assignment.
    If you closely paraphrase without citation, you will receive a 0 for the assignment.
    If you do not understand what this means, look at the course and university policies on academic dishonesty or contact your coach.
    This is to be your original work expressing your understanding of the material. If in doubt, cite.
    You should have no need to consult internet sources outside of the course materials, so stay away from about.com, Wikipedia, blogs, etc.

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    The development of equality of minorities and women has gone through many stage namely the initiation of political equality, the development of social equality, and finally the accessing of opportunities by minorities in the United States from the Civil War to the 1970â??s. These various movements utilized various methods such as civil disobedience, education through written work, and media propaganda, legal and physical advancement of the movement. Sometimes they made gains as well as falling short in promoting their cause.

    The first stages has been the gaining of political equality through struggle and conflict through various methods to gain political access to voting, citizenship, and a say in the elections as well as protection of their civil rights. The African-American obtained citizenship in 1868 from the 14th Amendment oas well as the right to vote in 1870 from the 15th Amendment. After the Civil War, women were able to lead reform movements such as the Prohibition and the Anti-Slavery movement that gave them a platform to fight for womenâ??s rights. In 1840, they created the Seneca Falls Declaration of the rights of Women. During the period after the war, the African-Americans had to fight political discrimination originating from literacy test for voting by going to the Supreme Court in Williams v Miss.. The literacy test was removed. In addition, the Reconstruction found further discrimination in the Black Codes that was limiting blacks from testifying. In 1905, the Niagara Movement fought to remove these limits and the NAACP was created in 1909 to further political equality. In addition, WWI and WWII found blacks fighting in the armed forces as well as trying to gain equality in the army. In 1901, Elizabeth Cady Stanton was able to get the vote for women. Both these wars especially WWII, allowed women to move out of the house and find jobs that replaced men. This allows greater freedom for women. WWII showed discrimination against the Japanese-Americans in the concentration camps, but with the development of the Japanese American for Democracy movement and their participation in the war, they were able to gain greater recognition for their group. Between 1955-1968, the Civil Rights movement led by Martin Luther King gained ground against legal segregation in the Montgomery Boycott, the March for Washington, and the kitchen sit- ins. Black students also used buses to demonstrate against discrimination in the Freedom Rides. Other minorities such as the Chicano movement, the Asian-American movement, and the Japanese-American movement fought to obtain and promote the civil rights of their respective groups. This led to the establishment of the Civil Rights Act of 1963 that granted equal rights to all ...

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