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American Women's History

What was the relationship between African-American women and white women like in the South? Do you think slavery helped southern white women conform to ideals fo domesticate and true woman hood? If so, how?

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A.) During slavery, the relationship between women of African descent and White women was based on a very personal rivalry. The Southern White woman was considered the jewel of Southern society. Usually she had servants who were slaves, imported clothing, and her community was very polite towards her. Despite her reputation and prestige, it was evident, obvious, and at times embarassing that her husband was making children with his female slaves. It was quite normal for White men to have a unique appetite for his slaves or slaves of a friend or family member, so much that there was a "don't ask, don't tell" shared mentality amongst many White Southern women. Naturally these numerous situations would create a great deal of resentment and disdain between women of African descent and White Southern women. This resentment led to a female slaves being victimized or ...

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The solution provides a discussion on the relationship of African-American women and White women in the South from the colonial period to the present. It also includes a discussion of the role of slavery in relation to domestication and the idea of true womanhood.