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Cult of Domesticity vs. Women's Rights ideals of woman

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Compare the Cult of Domesticity's notion of an ideal woman, with the Women's Rights' notion of the ideal woman. In other words, how did each see women's roles and attitudes? How satisfactorily do either of these ideals describe women today, do you think?

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This essay or report is probably one of the broadest question that there is. The Cult of Domesticity rose up during the 17th century and centered in New England and Pennyslvania area. It was the perception that women should be pure(chaste), manage the home, pious, and submissive before men. This perception required them to be more spiritual than men, more chaste or nonsexual, and their roles was to be housewives, teachers, or secretaries that were assitants to men. The Women's Rights movement was the total opposite except for chastity. The women had equal dignity, equal opportunity, and equal human rights as men. Women were not inferior to men and not necessarily more spiritual then men and could not be submissive to men. They also said women can leave the home and seek out their own career. If a women choose to stay at home, it is their choice and not a requirement. The other right is the right to reproduction and sexuality. The women can have an abortion or prohibit advances from men.

The major book of the cult of domesticity is in Godey's Lady's Book that describes the ...

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This discusses the values and behaviors expected of women from the cult of domesticity and also women's rights ideal.