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    Book Review: 'A Feeling of Belonging' by Shirley Jennifer Lim

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    History, U.S. History since 1877 - Year 3

    A book review on A Feeling of Belonging by Shirley Jennifer Lim.

    The review must

    1. Identify and evaluate the argument of the book. What, exactly is the author arguing in this text? How well does she support the argument, and with what types of evidence? Is the argument ultimately persuasive? unpersuasive? In what ways? Make sure to consider the different facets of the author's arguments
    2. Consider the overall strengths and weaknesses of this text. Evaluate the author's writing style, the way in which the text is organized, parts of the book which you found particularly, compelling, parts which you felt were problematic or underdeveloped, etc.
    3. Consider whether or not you think these text is an effective and desirable one to assign in a course on American women's history. What are the advantages and disadvantages of assigning this text in a course like ours.

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