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Stages of Dying and Stages of Grief

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If necessary, review the Riverbend City mission for this unit. Consider how the different family members are coping with Sheldon's illness and impending death. Imagine that you will be joining this family's care team as a counselor.
- Describe the stage each member of the family (including Sheldon) appears to be at.
- Describe how each family member's grief reaction is different.
- Explain how you might be able to help the individual family members and the family as a whole.

Support your strategies with appropriate references from the readings and other outside sources

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Thank you for choosing Brain Mass. I am very appreciative that you choose me again as your expert! Okay, this is not just a tragic situatiuon, or case scenario, but one that I have worked with for many years with Hospice. First, a diagnosis of Mulitple Myeloma is not only devastating, but for family members, to see their faces, it is like they are getting shot in the stomach. First, I see the shocking effects of hearing how this diagnosis impacts the family members. Now, take someone like the wife, Shirley, she has been married to Sheldon for 60 years. She considers him an extension, so, there is some, based on what I am seeing, some rationalization and possible denial of the fact that at this stage of his diagnosis, he is dying. And, we are now taking about rather fast. There is little time. She appears to be in a fog. This is concerning. Resources, grief counseling, letting her know that shock, denial, disbelief, these are all part of those stages of the initial grieving process. But, and here is the big, BUT, the husband is here, now, in front of her, and now is the time to be with him while ...

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