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Death and Dying

An in-depth examination of the ways in which our society and other societies or subcultures handle the fundamental issue of death is presented.

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According to Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross (2005), an expert on death and dying, there are five main stages of death/dying. (1) Denial, or disbelief, numbness; (2) Anger, blaming others; (3) Bargaining (e.g. "If I am cured of this, I swear, will never do what I did to get me into this spot again!"); (4) Depression, sadness, crying, feeling despondent; (5) Acceptance or coming to terms with loss and death. These are the five stages that people and families experience; however, they do not necessarily have to be in this order.

Grief and Mourning

Grief is the reaction to a significant loss. According to Burns, Darjee, McIntosh, Semple, D & Smyth (2005), The Oxford Handbook of Psychiatry defines grief as "the normal response to the loss of a loved one by death." Grief shows ...

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This solution discusses the ways in which our society handles the fundamental issue of death and dying.