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Please give analysis of each topics below: How people experience and deal with the topics below.

1. Widow or Widowerhood
2. Dying a good death
3. Hospice care for the dying

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Losing a spouse can be a very difficult part of one's life. I have known many widows and widowers in my life and not one dealt with it well. The longer one was married, the harder the separation is. You might think that since someone is elderly and experienced, that they should be able to deal with being alone well. Not so. In fact, I've found that the older someone is and the longer they've been married, the harder the separation is.

Why is that? The fact of the matter is that a marriage unites two people. In the eyes of the Tanakh ("Old Testament"), the two shall become one flesh. This is not just talking about physical things such as sexual union, but rather one's whole life, one's spirituality. A marriage produces one flesh, and when part of that flesh dies, the other part can suffer tremendously.

Overwhelming sadness and depression can result, especially if the surviving spouse has few or little friends to console. Even if ...