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    Stages of grief when dealing with death and dying

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    What are the stages grief when dealing with death and dying?

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    You have asked for a description of the stages of death and dying. Generally, when studying death and dying, the focus is on how people grieve and come to accept the inevitability of mortality and our own deaths.

    Elizabeth Kubler Ross (1969) outlined five stages an individual undergoes when coping with their own imminent death and for the imminent or actual death of a loved one. These stages are still used today and are the basis of all new theories of grieving. The stages are summarized as follows:

    1. Denial and Isolation
    When faced with death or loss, a person may respond with avoidance or denial of the truth. This period of shock acts as a buffer against the overwhelming reality of the situation by suppressing or excluding it from consciousness. This psychological detachment from the truth actually aides the mind to eventually recognize the truth and gradually give way to less radical defenses.

    2. The second stage is Anger
    Anger often manifests itself as displaced hostility. Frequently it is the messenger of the news who ...