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Five Stages of Grief and Dying

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This is an examination of the ways in which our society and other societies or subcultures handle the fundamental issue of death. The following subtopics are to be addressed:

Subtopic 1: explain the stages of death and dying
Subtopic 2: analyze the process of grief and mourning
Subtopic 3: discuss the role of the funeral or other after-death rites

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The Five Stages of Grief and Dying
The stages of grief were originally defined by Kubler-Ross. Since then they have been explored and studied by other psychiatrists and mental health professionals worldwide. Many people follow these stages of grief and dying, but others think that at least 5 more should be added. Here are the stages of grief as defined by Kubler-Ross.

When a person dies, the first reaction by loved ones is generally one such as, "this cannot be happening!" This is the first stage of grief and dying and is the beginning of the grieving cycle. There are no exact periods of time that this stage may endure, but it is usually a defense mechanism when a death is too difficult to face. There are basically 3 types of denial.
1) Denial of facts.
The individual avoids the facts of the death because they are too painful. Many times this stems from omission or by greatly exaggerating facts.
2) Denial of responsibility.
The goal of the individual is usually to defer attention away from himself or herself. The person avoids all aspects of personal responsibility by minimizing, blaming, and justifying facts.
3) Denial of denial.
This behavior involves making people believe that things are fine, when ...

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