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    Kubler-Ross stages of grief

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    The goal of this discussion is to use the stages of Kubler-Ross's grieving process to relate to an individual's responses to an artifact linked to death.

    Like developmental stages, the process of grieving and mourning a loss of a significant other, parent, or sibling can be recognized as a transition that helps us to integrate that loss. Using the reading about the widows' rings and the article related to dying and career focus from this unit's studies (its called THE HOT AND COOL OF DEATH AWARENESS AT WORK: MORTALITY CUES, AGING, AND SELF-PROTECTIVE AND PROSOCIAL MOTIVATIONS) if you have access to it, choose one of these women and consider the stages she might have taken on her journey of grieving. Which of them do you feel has demonstrated the stages Kubler-Ross identified as acceptance?

    What help would you solicit as a human behavior professional to understand the cultural forces involved in mourning and dying for any of these widows?

    What professional support can be developed that will form a community of service for an individual?

    To what extent do you think it makes a difference that the women were or were not employed before the death of their spouses?

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    Stages of grief

    1)The article describes four different women who dealt with the stages successfully but differently. The one I choose is the fourth one as an example. Please feel free to select your own for your assignment.

    Fourth women:

    i)She had her wedding ring and her husband's wedding ring refashioned into a pendent and she now wears it as a symbol of her new relationship with her husband. There is a progression in the relationship even after death for her.

    ii)This women illustrates' K-R's acceptance stage because her action of refashioning the rings is a visible demonstration of her accepting the death of her husband, and end to ...

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