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Grief and Loss Supportive Therapy

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Review the attached Case Study: Unexpected Loss, the media piece you were asked to view earlier in this unit. Imagine that you are discussing this case with Martin Lewis, the counselor who will be working with Mrs. Feltch.

Describe the stage of mourning you believe Mrs. Feltch is in.
Provide examples of how Martin can assist her.
What are some mediators of mourning that might have an impact on Mrs. Feltch's mourning process?

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The case with Mrs Fletcher is all to well known for me as a private practitioner. First, you can say she may be experiencing the stages of grief and loss, but, given the grief was unexpected, there is that disbelief and tragic survivor's guilt for the spouse of loved one not being there when, take for example, the phone call, or being on a trip when the person suffered a traumatic event, such as a car accident. It is important to note that grieving family and friends may be described as having a constellation of characteristics including anxiety and depression, which goes hand in hand with survivor's guilt. It is noteworthy to mention if this is not treated or ...

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This response analyzes a case study in which a patient is dealing with grief.

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Example of Grief

Can you Identify an example of grief you have encountered with a client experience. (If none of your clients have experienced loss or expressed grief, use a hypothetical example).

-What clinical themes did you observe in your work with this client? Was the current grief experience related to any events in the client's history?
-What specific skills did you use to assist your client? How did these skills reflect the theoretical approach you were using in your work with the client?
-How did you manage your own emotional response when working with this client? Discuss any help you received from your supervisor with this case.

Reference your sources using standard APA guidelines.

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