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Case Study of Child Therapy

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Post by Day 4 a brief summary of your client (young child), including presenting issues, family dynamics, and the young child's attachment to primary caregiver(s). Then, describe at least one significant development-related issue for the young child. Explain why this is an issue. Finally, explain two interventions you might employ to enhance the young child's development, including why you think they are appropriate. Justify your response with references to this week's Learning Resources and the current literature. Be specific.

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Example of a case of parenting styles and its impact:

Presenting issues: James,The child age 6, clings on to primary caregiver (mother), cries hysterically , screams and bites when he is left with any caregiver other than family members, ie. sister, brother , grandmother, grandfather, uncle and aunt.
Family Dynamics: The child is the youngest of three siblings. Their father died from cancer two years ago. His mother had to begin working full time shortly afterwards to provide financially for the family as they did not have any insurance or long term savings. During the initial grieving period, their grandmother and grandfather stayed in the home and helped with child care. After 6 months, their aunt and uncle came to help. But when the mother tried to bring in a babysitter, these behaviors began. Inevitably, she gave up and asked her brother and sister to ...

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This solution of 575 words discusses a case study of how grief is impacting child's development and different parenting styles. References used are included.