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    Narrative Therapy Case Study

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    Case Study

    Peter is a 6 year- old referred to therapy by his teacher due to fighting, use of obscene language, talking out of turn and disruptive behaviors in class. Peter has been suspended from school a number of times. Peter's parents (Scott and Norma) report similar behaviors at home. Parents reveal that they believe Peter has unresolved grief resulting from the recent death of his baby sister.

    Use Theory-Based Treatment Planning for Marriage and Family Therapists to complete the following:

    - Read the Vignette, "Family," on page 227 and assess this family from a Narrative Therapy perspective, addressing the following issues:
    - How would the presenting problem be conceptualized from this perspective?
    - What would be some examples of interventions from this perspective?
    - Describe the role of the counselor from this perspective.


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    Note: As you know, I do not have your book. Here are the answers to the questions. Hopefully, you can incorporate the information.

    (1) How would the presenting problem be conceptualized from this perspective?

    Narrative therapy involves storytelling that is utilized to understand the situation and relationships that cause problems in the lives of the client. For example, the client may be experiencing symptoms of hopelessness and isolation. For instance, the Narrative therapist seeks to find alternative stories that are based upon the real-life experiences, and ones that can show the client how to be hopeful during difficult times in their lives. At the heart of Narrative therapy is the notion that individuals live their lives according to the stories that other people tell about them (Corey, 2005). According to Corey, the therapy is designed to help the clients make sense of their disordered inner and external lives. For instance, the narrative therapist recognizes that apart from the problems that the person is experiencing, he or she has a ...

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