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    Captains of Industry

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    The wealth and energy between 1880 and 1910 was a unique and dynamic period in higher education. During this time the stock market was volatile and the rules that governed higher education were mostly absent. In addition, there was an abundance of industrial wealth, and a new level of philanthropic generosity toward higher education. Uncertainty and diversity were characteristics of this time period.

    Discuss the dynamics of university-building in the formative decades between 1880 and 1910. Reflect on the actions and influences of Slossen's book Great American Universities and the Association of American Universities. What were some of the historical, political, and economic reasons that these associations had so much influence? Are there similar associations in higher education today?

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    During the Golden Age of philanthropy titans such as the Rockefellers', Carnegie family, and steel barons all began to donate huge amounts of sums to universities in the form of endowments. These endowments were sometimes the entire operational budgets of universities that received these generous sums. University-building was seen as a way to leave a long-lasting legacy by those in the higher echelons of society; therefore, many ...

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    The captains of industry for wealth and energy are determined.