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Analysis of organizational performance in an HR interview

Anonymous Interview questionnaire for one of my human resource development classes.
Please use own words and detailed complete sentences (5 sentence minimum for each question).

1. What has been your experience with analysis (gap, needs, training, or task analysis), in your organizations?
2. Have you ever experienced "analysis paralysis?"
3. Do organizations usually do a rigorous job analyzing performance problems?
4. Have you had experience with "managerial malpractice?"

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1. Currently, gaps, needs, training and task are analyzed utilizing needs assessment as well as related student achievement data. Within the Broward County School District, we are data/results driven, so all of the daily decisions and operations surround what is most important as it relates to teaching and learning. Within the framework of an organization which honors teaching and learning we insure that necessary adjustments are also made when we are not hitting the respective academic and/or organizational target(s). The data is utilized to create related action steps to move our district along the continuum of peak performance. During an era of accountability, it is important ...

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