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Recruitment and Selection Strategies Recommendations

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Clapton Commercial Construction has an annual net revenue of $10,000000, but are expecting a -3% revenue growth the first year after expansion. They plan to increase their current workforce of 650 by 20% with the expansion. Their annual turnover rate is 20% and are expected to stay the year after that. The strategies considered must be specific to Arizona.

Recommend some recruitment and selection strategies for the client including the following points:

Organizational goals
Forecasted demographic changes
An analysis of projected workforce needs - for the next 5 years based on organizational goals as well as demographic changes
Workforce diversity objectives
Organizational branding
Methods for recruiting Candidates
Methods for screening candidates
Interview methods
Testing procedures
Interview process considerations
Methods for selecting candidates

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Solution Summary

This solution explains how strategies are developed for recurrent and selection of employees. The sources used are also included in the solution.

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Step 1
The organizational goals of Clapton Commercial construction is annual net revenue of $10,000,000. The company has expanded and after the expansion it is expected that the revenue will decline by 3% during the first year.
The forecasted demographic changes are that Arizona is at a demographic tipping point 42.2 percent of the state's population in 2010 was nonwhite, and the Hispanic population alone made up 30 percent of the state's residents. Majority of the children are children of color with high percent of children of American Indian and Alaskan Native decent. The forecast is that Arizona will become a minority-majority state by the year 2015 if the current population growth trends continue.
Step 2
The projected workforce need for the next five years based on organizational goals and demographic change is that the current workforce of 650 needs to be increased by 20%. This means that 130 new employees have to be recruited. Further, there is a turnover of 20% employees this indicates that another 130 employees have to be recruited. During the first year 260 employees have to be recruited. During the second year the number of employees will be ...

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