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Methods used in recruitment

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Briefly describe the organization

Describe the nature of recruitment, as well as of the methods used in recruitment, in the organization

Identify key issues that the organization faces in recruitment, and assess how well its current recruitment methods address those issues.
Based on your analysis, make three recommendations to improve the recruiting methods currently in use.

Describe the organization and a key aspect of its strategy.

Describe an HR program that would support and further its strategy and effectiveness - this should be a compensation, recruiting, selection, coaching/training/development, or diversity program.

Develop at least one strategic metric that could be used to assess the effectiveness of that program.

Discuss how this relates to the organization's strategy, and how it might differ from a benchmarking metric for the same program.

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Briefly describe the organization
The organization makes different types of plastic strapping for industrial use. These plastic strapping used in factories where cartons or boxes are strapped either manually or using automatic/semi-automatic machines. The strapping comes in different widths and break strengths and if required has the name of the buyer printed on it.
Describe the nature of recruitment, as well as of the methods used in recruitment, in the organization.
Recruitment is done differently of factory workers, supervisors, sales persons and managers. The factory workers are recruited by factory supervisors using word of mouth. The sales persons are recruited from campuses of selected business schools, supervisors are recruited through recruitment websites and managers are head hunted from competitors.
The standard method of recruiting factory workers, supervisors and managers are interviews. Factory workers are interviewed by supervisors, sales persons are administered a written test and then interviewed by the sales manager and human resources personnel and the sales manager is interviewed and selected by the CEO.

Identify key issues that the organization faces in recruitment, and assess how well its ...

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