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    Employee Referrals

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    Of all the recruitment methods available, arguably employee referral is the most cost effective. Referrals often yield good results because employees typically do not refer poor quality candidates to their employer. Like all options, referrals have disadvantages as well.

    Respond to the following:

    • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of employee referrals as a recruiting strategy. Consider the following points as you prepare your postings.
    º Discuss the impact on the efficiency of recruitment, that is, the time and cost of recruitment.
    º Discuss the impact on the quality of recruitment, that is, the match between new hires and organizational needs.
    º Discuss employee referrals with reference to an industry or profession of interest to you.

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    Employee referrals have been used "used for decades to fill about 30 percent of job openings, with varying degrees of success" (Hakala, 2013, para 1). They can often replace high cost, more expensive recruitment processes like newspapers, television ads, job fairs and using third party recruitment organizations. The time benefits are also noteworthy. Employee referrals can provide an employer will passive candidates and allows the organization to take their time with ...

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    Employee referrals are examined. The advantages and disadvantages of employee referrals as a recruiting strategy are given.