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Important information about What is marketing research?

What is marketing research?

How has the Internet impacted marketing research?

Why is marketing research important to developing marketing strategy?

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Market research is a way to understand your target audience. When you are trying to sell a product you want to make sure that you understand who will be interested in purchasing it. It would be helpful to understand who they are, what are their current habits, what products interest them, what some of their demographics and psychographics. That way, you know who would be interested in buying your product and you will know the best way to target them.

Market research comes in various forms. You can send people surveys, you can stop them in the mail to ask them questions, you can do taste tests to gage opinion; you can conduct focus groups where you ask a small group of people their opinion ...

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This posting explains what is marketing research. It describes the various ways to conduct the research, as well as how the internet has impacted the field.