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Case: First Federal Bank of Bakersfield

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See attached files.

Read Case 9 "First Federal Bank of Bakersfield" on pages 535-537 of your textbook based on the information answer questions 1-4 on page 536.

Directions for Submitting Your Project

Write your responses in APA Style, complete sentences; provide specific examples when applicable. As with all material you submit to your instructor, check for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and usage. Your paper will required a minimum of 1 reference.

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Solution Summary

The first federal bank of Bakersfield is examined.

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1. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of using telephone interviews rather than personal interviews or mail questionnaires to collect the needed data.

The choice of data collection is paramount within any type of research study since it determines the accuracy of the results based off the study's objectives. The choice of using telephone interviews could have been as result of the pressed time that a researcher has. However, there exist advantages of using this mode in the collection of data. To start with, telephone interviews are basically cheaper to conduct than personal interviews. If the number of respondents are many and sparsely spread out, then the researcher would find that telephone interviews saves them time, which translates into costs. In addition, telephone interviews are best when faced with tight time frames. From the convenience of any location with a signal, a researcher is able to contact the respondents easily. In terms of control and management, telephone interviews are quite easy to administer as the researcher is able to lead the way into getting information and avoiding ambiguity. The response rate is also usually subsequently better ...

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