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    Local, State, and Federal Government

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    Who do you trust the most and least (Local, State, and Federal Government)? Why?

    Who do you believe is the most effective?

    Who do you believe is the most efficent?

    Define McCulloch v. Maryland

    Define Gibbons v. Ogden

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    Local, State, and Federal Government

    I am a law instructor and I am basing the answers to the first three on opinion due to the way the questions are asked. However, I will also provide reasoning for each answer. The remaining two will be a short version of a case brief in which I will define the cases and provide reasoning based on what the judges stated in the courts.

    Who do you trust the most and least (Local, State, and Federal Government)? Why?

    Trust is perceived differently by every single individual. Trust based on facts and not rumors or hear say I would venture to say that I would trust the local government the most. The reason I believe there is more public trust and personal trust in the local government over the others is due to the fact that based on your local area the people of that county, city, or town have more control over how the leadership reacts to issues. When there is an issue the citizens of that local area can demand/request a town hall meeting and openly express their concerns. In addition, the individuals in that local economy have more of a say in what is happening their area. If the leadership of that town, city, county want to get re-elected then they have to remain completely transparent to the citizens, give them the opportunity to voice their concerns, and then act on those. I have seen and read more cases of local government officials (mayors) being prosecuted for government crimes than any other level of government. This is because they are held more accountable by the local citizens. The local government is affected on a larger scale by the immediate population under them than the highest level of federal government where it has to take an impeachment to rid of bad leadership. In addition, if you look at the polls you will see that local governments remain steady for public trust than the other two. Local governments usually take care of the issues affecting their areas faster than the higher levels that put certain areas on the low priority list. Leaders in local governments, being held more accountable, have to show (be transparent) with the way they ethically make decisions. If they don't the people will know quickly. Think of it like this, if you live in a small town and someone has a secret, eventually the whole town knows.

    The level of government that I would trust least would be the federal government. The federal government at the ...

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    Here you will find thorough answers relating to the efficiency, effectiveness, and trustworthiness between local, state, and federal governments. In addition, this solution provides a case brief of McCulloch v. Maryland and Gibbons v. Ogden. There are links to all case references for this solution.