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Value of Surveying Customers

What value does surveying customers bring? Do most companies actively respond to issues that arise? What would you recommend as a plan of action if one does not exist?

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Surveying customers

What value does surveying customers bring?

Surveying the customer brings much value to a company. This is truly the best way for a company to understand the likes and dislikes of its customers. Wal-Mart is a corporation that uses its technology to ask each customer who purchases a product questions. When the consumer arrives at the checkout, the credit/debit machine prompts a question, such as "Was your store clean today?" or "Was your cashier friendly?" This information lets the local manager know these issues instantaneously. This information is of value to Wal-mart, as it wants to know the consumer's views.

The Home Depot is similar. Every consumer who makes a purchase at the store receives a receipt. The receipt has a number that the consumer can call to answer ...

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