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Over Surveying the Consumer

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How can an e-commerce organization use surveying to monitor customer satisfaction? What are the issues with over-surveying?

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How can an e-commerce organization use surveying to monitor customer satisfaction?

An e-commerce organization is no different from a bricks and mortar organization when it comes to customer satisfaction. Customers want to be satisfied whether he or she walks through the door of a business or clicks on the businesses website. The more satisfied the consumer, the higher the company's profits.

A recent survey reports, "E-commerce has certainly not been immune from the recession battering the U.S. economy, but for reasons that can only be guessed at, most of the leading e-tailers have not stepped up their efforts to retain customers by providing improved service, according to a recent customer satisfaction survey. Only two e-retailers ...

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The solution discusses how companies, especially an e-commerce organization, uses surveying to monitor customer satisfaction and how over surveying the consumer can affect the business.

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