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Creating effective employee surveys on communications

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The CEO of your company has asked you to prepare a report about your organization. The CEO feels communications work well within the organization but some recent feedback from employees indicates otherwise.

Explain how you would go about setting up a study to determine the effectiveness of communication in the organization and how you would ensure this study is both reliable and valid.

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Need to understand the designing of employee surveys on your company's communications problems? Take a look at some examples and insights.

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Clearly the issue is not just communication. Something in the 'system' must have faltered or broken down, in order for the recent feedback to indicate that the current communications system is not working. One popular supposition here is that the employees (likely anyone below executive or managerial level) have voiced issues, concerns or complaints in the past and have yet to see them answered or even considered for adoption into amended policies.

Electronic surveys are the standard ...

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