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Creating effective employee surveys on communications

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The CEO of your company has asked you to prepare a report about your organization. The CEO feels communications work well within the organization but some recent feedback from employees indicates otherwise.

Explain how you would go about setting up a study to determine the effectiveness of communication in the organization and how you would ensure this study is both reliable and valid.

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Clearly the issue is not just communication. Something in the 'system' must have faltered or broken down, in order for the recent feedback to indicate that the current communications system is not working. One popular supposition here is that the employees (likely anyone below executive or managerial level) have voiced issues, concerns or complaints in the past and have yet to see them answered or even considered for adoption into amended policies.

Electronic surveys are the standard ...

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Need to understand the designing of employee surveys on your company's communications problems? Take a look at some examples and insights.

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Organizational Change

The CEO has asked the vice president of human resources to have the HR team put together a CF&F employee survey that would assess the level of employee engagement. The CEO and vice president believe that engaged employees are productive, innovative, and take ownership of results, thereby creating and sustaining a competitive advantage for the organization.

This project is very important to the CEO. He has addressed several issues over the past 2 years and has made many changes throughout the company. He believes that most of the employees have embraced the cultural change that the company has adopted, but not every employee has fully supported all the changes, and there is still some resistance.

The purpose for this survey is to identify employee engagement in the change process, determine the level of resistance within the company, and identify areas that employees are not supporting.

Consider concepts you have learned to date, and do additional research on employee surveys, change management, and resistance to change.

Changing an organization's culture requires that every employee embrace change.
Research and present to the rest of the HR team (your small group) a sample of the survey you would design. The presentation should include the following:
The purpose of the survey
A complete layout of the survey
Who will administer the survey
An outline of any anticipated results of the survey
Best methods of team communication of your findings both to management and employees
Recommendations to management in your presentation regarding steps that should be taken to move every employee to embrace change for the benefit of the company and employees

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