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Web Accessibility Testing

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I need assistance in the following problem please.

Discuss web accessibility test from different browsers. We have a caveat on the following QA-FOCUS recommendations. What will be our opinion on this? How can we test whether our web sites could be easily accessed using different web browsers? (Of course, we can test the web site using all different browsers, but we prefer more efficient testing methods)
1. Selection of standards: after you answer a list of survey questions regarding standards compliance, the site will return some recommendations for your project.
2. Use of automated tools to check Web site: you can validate your site compliance with HTML/CSS/Dublin Core metadata standards and broken links.
3. Accessibility: it provides an interface to check whether your web site follows the WAI WCAG accessibility Guidelines.
4. Use of metadata: after you answer a list of survey questions regarding your web site metadata uage, the site will return some recommendation for your project
5. Mothballing: at the end of your web site project, you can answer a list of survey questions listed in this site, the site will tell you whether the Web site you have created remains available and is easily maintainable.

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This solution describes the web accessibility test for different browsers. It offers a detailed description of the various automated tools that can be used for checking compliance with Dublin core meta data standards.

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Carry out a test on www.hi5.com web site. Carry out the test and prepare for the report. You should at least test the following aspect of the web site:

1. Compliance with HTML standards

2. Compliance with CSS standards

3. Web accessibility from different browsers

4. Web accessibility for disabilities

5. Meta-data content

6. Broken links

7. Search facility

And also carry out the following testing:

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