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    Research in Health Care and TRIZ Thinking

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    Identify possible new areas of research in the health care or possible new area of application giving TRIZ thinking. Use this discussion to close out your thoughts as well as push your thinking concerning this topic. Further, select on "law of evolution" and analysis it within the context of your new research suggestion from above. Push the theoretical realm.

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    Application of TRIZ
    TRIZ is the acronym for the "Theory of Inventive Problem Solving". It is an international science of creativity that relies on the study of patterns of problems and solutions. Using TRIZ, many breakthrough solutions to problems have been identified and patterns have been analyzed. Following are the areas of research where TRIZ can be applied and significant improvements could be achieved through existing procedures:

    One application of TRIZ is in endoscopy. An endoscope is an instrument used to study the interior of an organ or cavity of the body. The technique has evolved over time to reach deeper into complex contours of the human body. The technique of endoscopy rest on following pillar of technology:
    - Accessibility: ability to reach particular location inside the human body
    - Illumination: ability to illuminate to enable high-quality pictures to be taken
    - Imaging: ability to capture images that are helpful for diagnosis
    However, as is proposed by TRIZ, technical systems do not evolve randomly, they follow certain laws and patterns. Over years, there have been several advancements in the technique with respect to increasing the flexibility of physical structures. Similarly in the field of imaging and illumination to advancements have taken place. In this evolution, two laws seem to have importance-Law of Transition to Higher Level System and Law of Increasing Dynamism. These laws can be applied in the line of increasing diversity of components and increasing functional flexibility. ...

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    The following problem helps identify new areas of research in the health care of applications of TRIZ thinking.