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The origins of HIV/AIDS and what could be done in the future to prevent the recurrence of a similar epidemic. This discussion will explore sexual risk behaviors and alcohol use that relates to AIDS/HIV. As well, it will elaborate on how stigma can hinder preventive health care programs.

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Research suggestions for origin of AIDS/HIV and developing a preventive framework:

1. The African AIDS epidemic: A history by John Illife is a good book to start your research. It will explain the medical, epidemiological, economical, social and psychological issues related to the AIDS epidemic. The author explains how the epidemic began in central Africa and penetrated to the human population. The spread was small and started in the 1950's. However, with urbanization, colonization and economic crisis in the 1990's AIDS became an epidemic.

2. Origins of HIV and the AIDS Pandemic by Paul M. Sharp and Beatrice H. Hahn in the Journal by Cold ...

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Review of research on origin of AIDS and suggestions in developing a preventive framework

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