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    HIV, AIDS, and Immune Cells

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    Based on your research and understanding, create a report in a Microsoft Word document, which include a public education and disease control plan for HIV/AIDS. The paper must address the following:

    What percentage of population was affected by HIV/AIDS?
    Have there been instances of any historical outbreaks of HIV/AIDS? How was the HIV/AIDS handled and controlled in your community?
    What were the objectives and goals of your public education plan to control of HIV/AIDS?
    What initiatives were taken by the government departments to mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS?
    What measures would you suggest in the plan to actually reduce health risks?
    How would the plan allow the public to recognize pathogens are related to the cause of diseases and other health problems?
    What measures would you suggest in the plan to actually reduce health risks?

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    What percentage of population was affected by the disease?

    The percentage of population that was affected by the AIDS disease is about 1 in 5 or 20%. Today, there are more than 1.1 million people in the US are infected with the disease. Among the people that most seriously affected with the HIV disease are gay and bisexual. Young African American men (MSM) are seriously affected by HIV. Blacks/African American will face the most severe burden of HIV.

    Have there been instances of any historical outbreaks of the disease?

    Not really, the HIV disease started out in 1959 when a man residing in Africa died of AIDS. It was not known how the man died at the time. But when the blood samples of the man was examined, it was discovered that he died from complications related to HIV infection. The HIV disease started to exist in the US in the 70s. From 1979-1981, a rare type of pneumonia, cancer, and other illnesses were being reported in LA and New York. There were a number of gay man that died from these illnesses. The emergence of Karposi' Sarcoma and Pneumocystis among gay men in New York and California.

    How was the disease handled and controlled in your community?

    Basically, practicing safer sex and restrict oneself to only one partner will reduce the chance of getting the HIV virus. Public awareness and advertisement on television and paper should get people attention to practice safe sex. Using a condoms everytime during sex and practicing safer sex can reduce the risk of getting the HIV diseases.

    What were the objectives and goals of your public education plan to control this disease?

    1. Use Handwashing
    a. Hands must be washed before and after patients contact.
    b. Immediately washed hands after touching blood, body fluids and removal of gloves.
    c. Used soap or plain water for routine handwashing.

    2. Protective barriers
    a. Disposable gloves must be worn when there is direct contact with blood, body fluids, mucous membrane and non-intact skin of all patients.
    b. Change gloves when they are torn and when they are visibly dirty with blood.
    c. Always wear mask, eye protection, face shield, and gown when dealing with patients
    3. Sharps handling
    a. Needles, scalpels, and other sharp instruments should be capped and placed in puncture resistant sharp box.

    4. Training for Prevention
    a. Practice safe sex.
    b. Education about sexually transmitted diseases and proper use of condoms should be utilized.
    c. Handwashing and gloving when administering first-aid are recommended.
    d. Abstinence from sex

    What initiatives were taken by the government departments to mitigate the impact of the disease?

    The initiative were as followed:

    -The government should reduce the spread and vulnerability of AIDS through poverty reduction and promote testing.
    - Program that promote behavior change among young people and high risk people.
    - Program to minimize transmission through blood and promote a safe blood transfusion practice.
    -Government should improve program to help deal with risk in traditional practices and drug use.

    Treatment and Support
    - Government should take the initiative to reduce the number of people who are ill with AIDS or who die from AIDS by providing the appropriate package of treatment, care and support to 80% of people who need it
    - Government should develop program that enable people with HIV to lead healthy and productive lives by increasing treatment, care, support, and managing TB with HIV co-infection.
    - Government should improve care for people who are dying.
    - Government should improve and strengthen the health system

    - Government should improve the health syste and improve access to it.
    - Government should target mothers and children who are ill and provide proper treatment.
    - Government should strengthen community care programs, home-based care and support groups.
    - Government should develop to target older people and disabled people affected by ...

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    Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is a devastating disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). It is the virus that can lead to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. The HIV virus causes the disease HIV by attacking the body's own immune system. Over time, the HIV virus will spread throughout the body and kill most of the specific cells of the immune system called CD4 cells or T-cells leading to the depletion of these important immune cells.