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    The Relevance of Systems Thinking in the Healthcare Setting

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    Describing how and why System's Thinking is so important in a healthcare setting.

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    Systems thinking is very important in a health care setting, due to the fact that many of the aspects of health care are interdependent upon other aspects within the system. This interdependency between differing aspects within the health care setting, make it imperative that there is a systematic approach to the facilitation of health care processes and procedures, in order for the organization as a whole to function efficiently and effectively. In addition, there must be a coordinated effort between the different departments within a health care organization in order for the organization to be able to function. Only through a coordinated effort between the different departments, sections, professionals, etc. within a health care setting, can this type of organization attend to the needs of its patients and or clients in a professional manner. Without systems thinking on the part of management and other key personnel, the ...

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    The expert describes how and why system's thinking is so important in a healthcare setting.