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Real life example using one of the Triz principle

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Please provide me an example of a today real life example using one of the Triz principles. I do not get it because anyone with common sense evaluates problems and looks for the best solutions so our outcomes can be most rewarding.

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The TRIZ principles is not about solving problems and optimizing, it is about how to view the problem from a different lens. That different view then opens up new solutions that were not obvious before.

For example, you want to give a gift but don't know what to choose. What do you do? If you just pick something, it might have to be returned or stuffed in a drawer and not enjoyed. That is a poor use of resources and not pleasing to the receiver. Retail stores know that customers want to give a gift and that customers don't know how to properly choose the perfect pleasing gift. So, they do what? SEGMENT (first principle). They divide the "payment" from the "choosing". Now the giver can do the paying and the ...

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Your tutorial is 458 words plus two references and gives you three examples as well as explaining how these principles unlocked creativity.

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