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    Electronic Health Records: The New Standard

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    I need some help with answering these questions on electronic health records:
    •Define electronic health record.
    •Compare and contrast an electronic health record with a hybrid electronic health record.
    •Discuss government and private sector intervention in the development of an EHR.
    •Discuss meaningful use and its impact on the development of the electronic health record.
    •Identify the challenges associated with implementing the EHR.

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    Patients have long seen physicians, nurses, and other medical personnel adding notes to paper files that were physically moved between departments and facilities. Electronic health records (EHR) are best described as a working overview of the patient. The information is similar to the hand written records but displayed in a digital format. In many cases, the EHR will be very detailed containing complete patient histories, medical test results, and more (HealthIT, 2014). In the current technological age, EHR allows collaboration between multiple healthcare providers without time interruption. This is significant to provide the patient with an optimal intervention plan to achieve wellness. Imagine a platform where every step of patient care may be documented and shared locally or nationally; this is EHR. Many benefits to both healthcare provider and patient may be seen in this format. At the top of the list is increased accuracy in data gathered and recorded. Furthermore, efficiency in billing as well as routine test tracking may be easily performed with EHR. More information clearly defining the benefits to healthcare providers and patients is available at the Health IT link in the attachment.

    In the second part of this assignment you will compare (identify similarities) and ...

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    This solution deals on how electronic health records are becoming the new standard in documenting patient information. It looks at the similarities and differences in the new approach as well as the transition to more user friendly software. All references used are included, and additional reading material is attached.