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    Electronic Health Records: Advantages and Disadvantages

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    Give a brief explanation as to what an Electronic Health Record is.

    What information is included in an Electronic Health Record?

    Briefly describe some advantages and disadvantages to using Electronic Health Records in a medical office.

    Research an example of a medical office incorporating Electronic Health Records. How did it help them? Did it hurt them in any way?

    Please give references.

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    An EHR is an Electronic Health Record which is a electronic record of patient health information generated by each encounter in various care delivery settings. Included in this record are the patient's statistics, symptoms, diagnosis, progress, medications, adverse reactions/allergies, family history, medical history, laboratory data and reports. Here is a link with more information:http://www.himss.org/ASP/topics_ehr.asp and here is a link with screen shots to actual EHR's: http://www.omnimd.com/

    Advantages of using EHR:
    -improvement of care and safety: doctors can be aware of the ...

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    This detailed solution explains Electronic Health Records, outlines what is included in it, illustrates the advantages and disadvantages of EHR and gives examples of medical offices incorporating EHR's. It also has links to further help the student.