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Applying Technology to Organizations

Most health care organizations strive to evaluate the benefits, value, and/or return on investment (ROI) associated with health information technologies such as EMR, CPOE, etc. Should health care organizations look at technology more as a business solution or as a new tool? In what ways should organizations think "out of the box" versus sticking with well-worn business fundamentals when it comes to adopting quality-based health information technology systems?

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Health organizations should look at technology as a business solution as well as a new tool, which means that it would be imperative that business organizations look at technology as a new tool for business solutions. Technology can definitely be utilized as a business solution, due to the fact that technology helps to solve important business problems that as increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization. Technology can serve as a means by which a health care organization or any other type of organization can serve a greater number of patients or clients, due to the fact that technology such as computerized data systems can make it possible for these organizations to accept more inpatient information per unit of time. In addition, technology can be utilized as a new tool by which a healthcare organization can statistically analyze the effectiveness of its ...

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This solution describes methods of applying technology to organizations.