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Fundamentals of Healthcare Technology: Medisoft Overview

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What is Medisoft?
What are the uses of Medisoft?
How is it useful in entering and retrieving information?
Based on your findings, would you recommend it?

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This solution gives an overview of Medisoft, a type of healthcare technology in 1000 words.

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Medisoft is practice mangament software that allows healthcare practices to keep up with patient information, scheduling and billing. Medisoft keeps patient procedure and bill information on a central database that several computers within a mediacl facility can access at the same time. Medical personnel can use the software whenever a patient comes in for a procedure to make sure that they have been billed and have paid the correct amount.

Medisoft software stores patient information such as addresses, relatives, emergency contact information, whether or not they owe any money, any payments already paid and their insurance information. These programs can also check the eligibility of ...

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