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Fundamentals of Healthcare Technology

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Your boss has realized he is not up to date with the office's software, so he has asked you to research Medisoft to see if this is what should be used.

o What is Medisoft?
o What are the uses of Medisoft?
o How is it useful in entering and retrieving information?
o Based on your findings, would you recommend it?

You have experience working with computers. The office manager has requested for you to create a short, 10-question quiz to the new recruits. In addition, provide the office manager with what you believe will be the future of health care technology.

Create a 15-question quiz that will assessing your colleague's knowledge of the uses of computers in a medical office.
Use a mixture of questions:
o Multiple choice
o True/False
o Short answer
o Fill in the blank
* On a separate page, provide the answers to your questions.

Write a summary on the future of health care technology.
# What advancements do you think will be available in health care technology in the future?
# What technology or advancements are already being created/implemented?
# What recommendations would you have for the advancement of the technology?

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Medisoft is a term that describes any computer software intended to speed up the billing process or store increased amounts of medical information.
These programs maintain patient, procedure and billing information on a main database that many computers at a medical facility can access simultaneously. Doctors or other medical personnel can use the software whenever a patient has been charged and has paid the correct amount.
Medisoft software stores patient information such as addresses, phone numbers, next of kin, emergency contact information, a patient's outstanding balances , previous amounts paid and whether the patient has insurance and what company the insurance is provided through. It can check the eligibility of insurance claims immediately to find out what a patient needs to pay after a medical procedure.
I would completely recommend the use of Medisoft for medical offices. Using this software can greatly lower your overhead and the cost of labor as the amount of paperwork would be greatly reduced. Medisoft programs are able to quickly access insurance information so that personnel can provide patients with answers to questions quickly instead of waiting to contact an insurance company.

15 Question Quiz:
1. Computers in medical offices are used for:
a) computerized administrative purposes.
b) daily accounting procedures.
c) recording names and contact details of doctors.
d) all of these
2. Computers in medical offices can be used to view MRI's, CT scans and_________.
3. What is the Defense Eligibility Reporting System?
4. CPT stands for ________ ___________ ____________.
5. What is a CPT code set?
6. Which medical procedure has the most most CPT codes for any category?
a) anasthesia
b) surgery
c) Evaluation and management
d) radiology
7) The type of insurance in ...

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