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Creating a Counseling Plan for a Case Study

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The following topics, specifically related to the chosen case study, must be addressed in your plan:
- Assessment of sexuality (of the individuals involved in the selected case study relationship).
- Assessment of the dynamics of the relationship.
- Multi-axial diagnostic impression of the client in question.
- Integration of the sexual disorder in the case study with the sexual response cycle.
- Critical analysis and comparison of the sexual response cycle and the concept of sexual normality as applied to the case study.
- Creation of three measurable goals for treatment.
- If applicable, a discussion of how sexual orientation issues may have influenced the sexual dysfunction and the overall dynamics of relationship.
- Critical explication and assessment of evidence-based systemic counseling interventions for the sexual dysfunction presented in the case study you chose.
-- Explain what techniques a counselor would use to help this client and couple.
-- Evaluate biological, cultural, and psychological factors related to sexual issues in the case study.
-- Incorporate ethical and culturally-relevant approaches to treating any sexual issues presented in the case study.

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Ethical and culturally-relevant approaches to treating any sexual issues are as follows:
- Mental health professionals must know how they feel about these relationships.
- Therapists must change their assumptions of these groups so that they can change the therapeutic strategies that they will be using with the client or couples. They must not impose their own values on the clients.
- Therapists must not have negative personal reactions, limited empathy, and show no lack of understanding of the problems that these clients may have.

Some of the guidelines that will help with these clients are and to improve how societal stigma affects ...

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This was a counseling plan for a case dealing with ethical and cultural aspects of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual persons. It covered the attitudes and the relationships of these people. It covered some interventions to help these types of clients to cope with their issues.

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