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    Cultrual issues in the classroom

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    Please help me to address this situation. I have been assigned to a new school site in a culturally diverse neighborhood. What kind of plan of action could I create to make sure families and the community is valued in my early childhood classroom? What things can I do?

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    One thing you can do is to send home with students a message inviting parents to visit in your classroom, and to be willing to serve as speakers for the students, so that they might learn about various holidays, special observances and customs from the various countries and cultures represented. This message can be in more than one language, depending upon those languages most commonly spoken in your new location. Asking the ESOL teacher at your new school for help in composing your message might be a good idea.

    This ESOL teacher will also prove a good resource in your classroom, and to you, personally, in learning new cultural mores (what to do and what not to do) in respect ...

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    Discussion of ideas to bring cultrual awareness to the classroom in a multicultural setting.