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Adolescent Development

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What significant issues would puberty and adolescent development present in your classroom?

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What significant issues would puberty and adolescent development present in your classroom?

Significant issues in puberty and adolescence:

1. Overly concerned with appearance - Adolescents usually become inferior if their physical appearance does not look good, e.g., onset of pimples, clothes, etc. This kind of attitude can greatly affect their performance and socialization in the classroom.
2. Attempts to fit in to a group - In their attempt to be accepted and to feel that they belong to a group, these teenagers often act awkward and confused as they are not yet sure of how to act but have the goal to fit into any group they are in. Sometimes teachers and adults who are not that familiar with the puberty stage might find this attitude offending and they might take it against their ...

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The solution discusses the significant issues that puberty and adolescent development present in the classroom. References included.

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