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    Issues in an Elementary Science Classroom

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    How do you address the following issues in an elementary science classroom?

    - Use of technology
    - Safety
    - Resources to promote inquiry based science

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    Technology plays a very important part of the classroom today especially the elementary science classroom. However, due to the rapid changes in technology and the age of students, sometimes problems can occur such as some students (or even the teacher) not being proficient enough to use a particular software suite or piece of equipment. To address this problem, teachers need to choose appropriate technology that they are comfortable using and that will best benefit the age group of students in the classroom. If for example students are too young to type on a keyboard, then a teacher can make use of videos and interactive games involving only a mouse instead. If students are more advanced, then ...

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    This posting discusses issues in an elementary science classroom. The issues discussed includes the use of technology, safety, and resources to promote inquiry based science. The explanation is given in 438 words with three references.