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Co -teaching experience

Please share your experience on the co-planning and your experience in co-teaching with elementary students.

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One year I was teaching second grade with another teacher in an inclusion class (a class with general and special education students). When I got the assignment for the school year I met the other teacher "Jan" and the assistant principal who discussed the assignment with both of us. He explained what our roles in the classroom would be and wanted to ensure that we were both active participants in the classroom. Jan and I had to meet weekly to plan lessons. At the beginning of the school year we developed a classroom management plan that incorporated both of our classroom management styles. One of the most important rules we developed and discussed with our students was that we were to be given equal acknowledgement as leaders. During lesson planning Jan and I would discuss what our roles would be throughout the lesson. We alternated roles frequently.For example one of us would lecture while the other would work individually with students that were having trouble understanding the lesson, or one of us would show visual aids and other supplemental materials used in lessons while the other would lecture. Another method we would use is when presenting hands-on lessons, one of us would teach in one half of the room while ...

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In this solution I describe a co-teaching experience that I had in a second grade class.