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    This posting helps to locate articles about teaching strategies using the computer for social studies, science, and math. List at least two articles for each content area. Include a brief description and URL. Why were the articles chosen?

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    Please allow my ideas to help. Once you formulate your ideas, I am willing to help in terms of editing and overall feedback:

    First, as you research math articles, you might look at the article called "Can Distance Learning Meet the Needs of Gifted Elementary Math Students?" It is by Sylvia St. Cyr from Gifted Child Today, Vol. 27, Issue 2. Although I retrieved it from the ERIC Database, you might use its URL: http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-115634985.html

    Please note how this article reiterates the value of using computers and distance education to empower and help elementary math students. The article, however, focuses merely on gifted math students. Since computers offer extrinsic motivation, "there is less boredom and dissatisfaction for bright students."

    The article was chosen to gain ideas about how to differentiate instruction and make math more challenging for this target group. The article uses research and a case study to show that computers can be a "pathway of mathematical acceleration." However, it also examines pitfalls associated with the distance learning programs.

    The ERIC URL is: http://web.ebscohost.com.library3.webster.edu/ehost/detail?vid=4&hid=3&sid=e12ae7fa-0813-42f5-b48c-9ef943df7dae%40SRCSM2

    Another option is the article called" Computers in the Elementary Classroom" ...

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