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Evidence-based practice in nursing

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Review the literature for information regarding one of the following: How evidence-based practice, the application of a theoretical model into a practice setting, or achieving magnet status influences nursing practice. How could you incorporate this element into your current practice and what would you predict the outcome would be? Prepare an individual 10-15 slide PowerPoint Presentation complete with speaker notes. You should utilize a minimum of four scholarly references.

The setting I have chosen is long term care. Any help would be greatly appreciated in pointing me in the right direction.

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The Title is given
Then the structure is every number (slide) has a TITLE, most of the CONTENTs area is done (others marked with ?? have to be done), and a section NOTES where you can find related resources.

1)TITLE of the presentation: Evidence based practice as it relates to Long term care

2)TITLE: What is Evidence based practice (EBP)?
"Identifying and promote intervention and practices that work using the results of research evidence"; and
"identifying and eliminating treatments that do harm or are not effective"

Practical outcome:
Supplement professional decision making with latest research knowledge.
Attempts to improve the outcome of treatment.

Could be two slide- one for ideas and the other one practical solutions.
Information can be found in:

What is EBP provided by the Smith College of SSW's is useful, clear and concise: http://sophia.smith.edu/~jdrisko/evidence_based_practice.htm

Ilic D, Teaching evidence-based practice Perspectives from the Undergraduate and Post-graduate Viewpoint in ...

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The solution involves a guided preparation of a power point presentation to illustrate how evidence-based practice has influenced nursing. Resources are given for each topic/slide.